Thursday, March 24, 2011

Hall Of Fame Candidates

Season 11 rolls around for our world. Amazingly there is one glaring hole in the legacy of it, though it is still relatively young.
There is not a single player in the hall of fame.
Now, some would say that it is too soon for the world to have HOF players.
However if you consider the first 6-7 seasons of the world, there were several impact players who were elite but simply were too old to keep it up over the long haul.

Clarence Carr for example. Was the most dominant pitcher in the world's history. The problem is however, his career on dominance was cut short by injury and age.
If you map out his career over 10-15 seasons of healthy ball. He would be the most untouchable player in HC history.

Now we have 6 players who will get heavy consideration for the hall this season.
The problem is, do you consider being elite for a short but faltering due to age or injury as a hall of famer.

Or do you subscribe to the theory that you have to be elite over a long period of time to even be considered a hall of famer.
It's your choice. But for your consideration. Here is the case for the top HOF prospects for this season.

Guy Coleridge
.288 career batting average. 362 career home runs. 912 career RBI's. .994 career fielding % at C.
A 6 time all star. 6 time silver slugger at C. 1 time AL MVP. 1 WS ring.

Clint McIntyre
.294 career batting average. 321 career home runs. 904 career RBI's. 159 career stolen bases.
A 4 time all star. 4 time silver slugger at RF.

Juan Torres
.281 career batting average. 292 career home runs. 902 career RBI's. 144 career stolen bases.
A 3 time all star. 2 time silver slugger(1 RF, 1 LF). 1 time NL MVP.

Earl Wight
.279 career batting average. 292 career home runs. 819 career RBI's.
A 4 time all star. 1 time sliver slugger at C.

Lonnie Cameron
.319 career batting average. 68 career home runs. 474 career RBI's. 450 career stolen bases.
A 2 time all star. 1 time silver slugger at CF.

Lonnie Cameron
241 career saves. 2.85 career ERA. 367 career K's. 29-32 W-L record. 407 career innings pitched.
A 2 time all star. 1 time fireman of the year.

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