Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Ozarks Unable To Come To Terms With #2 Overall Pick

Breaking news --

This just in to the HBC insider studios. The #2 overall pick in this years draft Jorge Villalona will return to school for his senior season at Maryland.
Sources say a deal was very close before Villalona reportedly doubled his demands to sign.
Little Rock owner Ifoskey was said to be livid and refused to up his offer.
The two sides have not spoken since and a return to school appears imminent as no new negotiations are expected to take place.
 The Ozarks will receive the #3 draft selection is next seasons draft as compensation for not signing Villalona.

Little Rock fans are likely to be understandably upset over the developments as they felt they had a surefire franchise player in the making.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Early Season Highlights

The early season has brought on some interesting results.
Some surprising, some not so much. Here now we'll take a look at the top dogs of the early season.

Louisville Sluggers 55-12 - They're dominating everybody and their mama, and their mama's mama too.
Arizona Cards 43-23 - The Cards are trying to out pace the divisional competition.
Chicago Harpies 43-24 - Chicago is in it's familiar perch at the top of the division, but a it's a 3 way dance for the top of the NL.
St. Louis Fighting Eagles 43-23 - St. Louis is giving Arizona all they can handle and then some.

Juan Morlan might be the only player upstaging his teammate Belliard this season. He's currently rocking a .356 BA while dominating the competition with 32 HR's and 79 RBI's. Even better than that though? He has a 1.165 OPS.
Daryle Koplove is helping his team do some serious damage early on this season.
He's got a .371 BA, 23 HR's, 71 RBI's, a 1.184 OPS and 9 stolen bases.
Sammy Belliard is looking to put his name into the MVP race this season with the numbers he's putting up for Colorado. The sweet swinger is mowing down pitchers at a .394 clip while smashing 20 chick diggers and 51 RBI's.

Slim Rivers has been a absolute monster this season for the Sluggers.
29 appearances, 4 starts, a microscopic 1.66 ERA. Oh and he's 16-0 on the season.
Jerrod Wall the hottest name in free agency this season continues to be red hot on the field as he was off it.
8-3 record with a 2.80 ERA so far. He's worked 90 innings and has 85 K's.
Robb Stottlemyre has been the hard luck loser of this early season. His ERA is 2.34, he has 85 K's, 2 complete games and logged 96.1 innings. The problem you ask? he's just 7-6 despite the gaudy numbers.
Kevin Steele has been the anchor of the Baltimore rotation so far this season. He's managed to snare a 8-1 record in 14 starts while compiling a 2.87 ERA.
Felix Wood is waging a absolute assault on opposing hitters this season. He has converted all 23 save opportunities he's been given this season. Compiling a 2.36 ERA, a 0.98 WHIP, a .191 OAV & 24 K's.
Sarma Wilson before going down with a shoulder injury Wilson was producing some dominant results to the tune of a 8-1 record in 12 starts with a 2.21 ERA.
Rafael Perez is the man right now for the Sluggers. He has amassed 29 appearances this season,25 of them starts. He has a 2.11 ERA while logging 102.1 innings amd snagging 13 wins to go along with 99 K's and a .192 OAV.
Jack Ginter has converted all 22 save opportunities this season for Fighting Eagles.
He has a 2.90 ERA with 24 K's.
Ben Rogers is another Sluggers player that has represented them well to start the season.
21 appearances, 5 starts, a solid 3.97 ERA and a shiny 13-3 record to boot.
Felipe Estrada has converted all 11 save opportunities presented to him this season for the Sluggers.
He has a 3.25 ERA to go along with 23 K's.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Big Deal Brings Romero To The Desert

New Mexico City ownership has made the call to ship out super slugger Miguel Romero.
In a blockbuster deal the team has dealt it's franchise star along with Jade Green to Tucson in exchange for prospects Richie Bowie, Rodrigo Castillo and ML OF Sammy Cortez.

The deal saves the Red Hots almost 28 million over the next 3 seasons including approximately 4 million this season. The team picks up 2 pitching prospects with top 3 starter potential and a everyday corner OF.

For the Sugar Bears it gives them a legitimate superstar slugger to anchor the lineup and potentially guide them to their third consecutive potential division title.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Top Free Agent Prize Re-ups With Pawtucket

Breaking news ----
The free agency bonanza has ended for ace pitcher Jerrod Wall.
After making stops in Memphis,Colorado & Tucson among other places.
He has made the decision to stay in Pawtucket.
He and the Lidos have agreed to terms on a new 5 year $110,000,000 deal.

He was the last domino to fall in what was a tremendously busy FA period in HC this season.

Monday, June 27, 2011

Season 12 Open Franchise Profiles

American League
Former Huntington Drunkin' Hilljacks 79-83 #15 Draft Pick
This team is knocking on the door of becoming a playoff contender.
It has a solid array of pieces at the major league level and is in need of a dedicated owner to push them over the top.
Minors - C+
Brant Maier (68/86),Ugueth Fernandez (61/68),Lynn Walker (64/73),Malcolm Simmons (50/71) & Max Patrick (73/78)

Former Houston Colt .45's 96-66 #29 Draft Pick
This franchise is the best of the available clubs. It has one of the top minor league systems in the world and will be ready to contend for more than a playoff berth for the owner who chooses it.
The only downside is that it plays in arguably the toughest division in HC.
Minors - B+
Jeff Mercedes(76/82),Jose Estrada(72/76),Julian Feliz(71/76),Pedro Berroa(73/82),Sammy Frias(59/75),Richie Truman(63/72),Jason Shields(71/80),Jade Greene(68/74),Jacque Woo(74/82)

Former Oakland Gangsters 80-82 #16 Draft Pick
This is a solid team, it's not bad but it's not great either.
With the right owner it can shift into a playoff contender or one can choose to strip it down and rebuild.
Very nice talent at the top of the minors, overall depth isn't the greatest but it's solid.
Minors - B-
Dennis Forster(57/88),Juan Feliz(75/84)Benji Tabaka(74/78),Davey Snyder(63/73),Bing Carr(58/71),Billy Adams(72/76)

National League
Former Fargo Disaster 71-91 #8 Draft Pick
This is more of a rebuild than most of the teams available.
The minors need building up as does the major league team.
Minors - C-
Mac Nakano(71/79),Matthew Ventura(67/72),Andre Cochrane(48/72),Justin Merrick(54/72)

Former Charleston RiverDogs 79-83 #12 Draft Pick
A lot of good work was put into this team last season.
It's a middle of the pack team with a chance to get into playoff contention and beyond.
The minors are pretty good overall and has a few stars in the making.
Minors - B+
Blake Thurston(63/93),Dustin Sellers(62/79),(/),Russ MacDougal(64/72),Darryl Matthews(50/73),Vinny Livingstone(47/68),Charley Sanders(69/76)

Former Boston Red Sawx 70-92 #7 Draft Pick
This is another team that's more rebuild than contend in it's current state.
The minors are beginning to shape up nicely but it needs a fully dedicated owner to bring it up to a level where it should be.
Minors - B-
Matt Paronto(60/83),Manny Young(68/83),Brad Garko(59/84),Felipe Cervantes(62/74)

Former Charlotte Wolves 85-77  #21 Draft Pick
A solid team at the major league level. Could contend for the playoffs now.
The minors are in definite need of work and it will require a owner open to the challenge.
Minors - D-
Thomas Alexander(68/75),Joaquin Caballero(68/74)

Former Texas Red Necks 56-106  #2 Draft Pick
This team is much like a lump of clay before it's turned into beautiful art.
It's rough around the edges but there is a lot of potential star power in the lower levels.
It's likely to take awhile to turn it around fully, but the foundation is there.
Minors - B
Derrick Patrick(72/91),Turk Walter(82/94),Tom Coleman(/75),David Bonilla(49/72),Mike Blank(66/76),Jack Hermida(69/76)

Former Boise spudwackers 78-84 #11 Draft Pick
A middle of the pack type of franchise that isn't really either or.
It's both and yet neither at the same time.
Minors need a lot of work, there are a few potential stars but not enough star wise nor depth wise.
Minors - D
Dusty Cooney(68/80),Matt Merloni(69/76),Ismael Javier(48/79)

Projected numbers based upon previous season scouting.
Grades for minors based upon overall quality as a whole. 

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Hardball Central Power Rankings

1.New York Metropolitans
2.Minnesota Mosquitoes
3.Iowa City Cornjerks
4.Chicago Harpies
5.Charlotte Wolves
6.Houston Colt .45's
7.Tampa Bay Devils
8.Louisville Sluggers
9. Helena Agents
10.Portland Pilots
11.Pawtucket Lidos
12.Durham Bulls
13.Arizona Cards
14.Sacramento Tropics
15.Philadelphia Phukheads
16.Huntington Drunkin' Hilljacks
17.Tucson Sugar Bears
18.Montreal Stranger Brews
19.Cleveland Primetimers
20.Fargo Disaster
21.Oakland Gangsters
22.Memphis Caveliers
23.Charleston RiverDogs
24.Dover Patriots
25.Boise Spudwackers
26.Chicago Bleacher Bums
27.Salt Lake City Silly Nannies
28.Kansas City Wizard of Oz
29.San Jose Athletics
30.Texas Red Necks
31.Boston Red Sawx
32.Montgomery Bells

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Hall Of Fame Candidates

Season 11 rolls around for our world. Amazingly there is one glaring hole in the legacy of it, though it is still relatively young.
There is not a single player in the hall of fame.
Now, some would say that it is too soon for the world to have HOF players.
However if you consider the first 6-7 seasons of the world, there were several impact players who were elite but simply were too old to keep it up over the long haul.

Clarence Carr for example. Was the most dominant pitcher in the world's history. The problem is however, his career on dominance was cut short by injury and age.
If you map out his career over 10-15 seasons of healthy ball. He would be the most untouchable player in HC history.

Now we have 6 players who will get heavy consideration for the hall this season.
The problem is, do you consider being elite for a short but faltering due to age or injury as a hall of famer.

Or do you subscribe to the theory that you have to be elite over a long period of time to even be considered a hall of famer.
It's your choice. But for your consideration. Here is the case for the top HOF prospects for this season.

Guy Coleridge
.288 career batting average. 362 career home runs. 912 career RBI's. .994 career fielding % at C.
A 6 time all star. 6 time silver slugger at C. 1 time AL MVP. 1 WS ring.

Clint McIntyre
.294 career batting average. 321 career home runs. 904 career RBI's. 159 career stolen bases.
A 4 time all star. 4 time silver slugger at RF.

Juan Torres
.281 career batting average. 292 career home runs. 902 career RBI's. 144 career stolen bases.
A 3 time all star. 2 time silver slugger(1 RF, 1 LF). 1 time NL MVP.

Earl Wight
.279 career batting average. 292 career home runs. 819 career RBI's.
A 4 time all star. 1 time sliver slugger at C.

Lonnie Cameron
.319 career batting average. 68 career home runs. 474 career RBI's. 450 career stolen bases.
A 2 time all star. 1 time silver slugger at CF.

Lonnie Cameron
241 career saves. 2.85 career ERA. 367 career K's. 29-32 W-L record. 407 career innings pitched.
A 2 time all star. 1 time fireman of the year.

Season 11 Franchise Changes

The off-season brings about change as we head into season 11 of Hardball Central.
Some franchises were sold off to new owners, others were simply moved to a new town.
With every new season and new change to a franchise brings about a new hope for it's fans.
For some this will mean seeing a team broken down and rebuilt. For others this will see some Pat Riley magic worked to bring in the premier talent to contend.

The one thing that remains true of all franchises under a new season... Expectations of improvement from the season before.
Let's take a look at the new franchises for season 11 of HC.

American League
Philadelphia phukheads(formerly San Juan Clementes)
Baseball is back in Philly. The Clementes packed up their bags and moved from San Juan to the friendly confines of Philadelphia Pennsylvania.
The former fanatics are now type of heads not to be confused with cheese.
New owner dblaine has come in with a enthusiasm that is infectious for the entire city. Armed with a low payroll and the #6 pick in the draft, the fans of Philly expect a home run in the off-season and the draft.
As Donovan McNabb and Santa Claus can tell you. You don't want to disappoint Philadelphia fans.

Kansas City wizard of oz(formerly Atlanta Huskers)
Yes Dorothy, you're in Kansas. But it's the city and not the state.
The wonderful wizard is bring his home to KC. The franchise will try to reclaim it's former glory(3 time WS champion) under new owner smartazz1120.
The fans are starved more success and demand a return to their past WS winning ways.
Excitement abounds as the new regime seeks to put it's stamp on the franchise for the better.

Salt Lake City Silly Nannies(former Salt Lake City Peppers)
Under new ownership but not moved. A rare owner who takes owner and decides to leave the franchise in place. The only change, the nickname of the team.
The mormon coalition of Utah is excited to continue to have the team in place.
The city is re-energized with the franchise still in SLC.
Ownership was said to have specifically targeted SLC and their fan base when they began talks to buy the team. New owner jetsetoo7 has preached a quiet confidence that the team will see glory days in the near future.

Oakland Gangsters(formerly Colorado Rockies)
Hey, hey, the gangs all here. The newly minted Oakland franchise has departed from Colorado faster than a fly ball leaves Coors field.
The new 510 Crew hopes to ignite the memory of the bash bothers as the fans begin to identify with their new team.
One can only assume that the potential future of the franchise and new owner commiepig's approval rating with the fans will rest on the shoulders of their #9 draft pick this upcoming season.
"If we don't win soon, i'll show dem boys how the 510 does thangs 'round here." One fan was quoted as saying.

National League
Chicago Harpies(formerly Detroit Tigers)
Detroit fans were stunned when the Tigers were sold off and shipped out of town to Chicago.
Chicago fans were stunned that they acquired a franchise with the talent to win a world series title.
The expectations will be huge for this team and the fans will demand that they live up to their name and provide some magic moments for the windy city.

Fargo Disaster(formerly Boise Broncos)
On the move from Idaho to their new home in the center of the Fargo-Moorhead Metro area.
The newly dubbed Disaster will look to raze all that come before them.
Incoming owner andyr104 looks to cultivate an atmosphere of winning and hopes to bring a championship flair to the team over the long run.

Boston Red Sawx(formerly Boston Bravehearts)
They're William Wallace no more. The Bravehearts have a new nickname and  a new attitude to go along with it. The same ole city but not the same franchise.
The fans hope that the future holds more Theo Epstein than curse of the bambino moments.
New owner Tomhighway is looking to clean house while ensuring that the guys who truly want to win will be in Boston.
With a top 5 pick in their back pocket and ownership who is known for shaping the downtrodden into the elite. It should be a fun journey for this team.

Charleston RiverDogs(formerly Philadelphia Marquette Butchers)
Chased out of town after the worst season in franchise history by the fanatics in Philly.
The franchise has resurfaced in Charleston as the RiverDogs.
There is great hope that the new town, new name and new owner can turn this franchise around.
rootgargle has promised the fans that they will never again see 100+ in the right side of the column ever again.
"We don't want to be the lovable losers or the Pirates. We want to win big games, division titles and world championships." said root at the introductory press conference for the team.
Of course, having the #1 pick in the draft to select a top player doesn't hurt either.

Charlotte Wolves(formerly New Orleans Sharks)
WWWWWWWWOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!! No it's not the nature boy.
No more voodoo nor bourbon street for this franchise.
But the fans are indeed excited about their new franchise in largest city in North Cackalacky .
New Orleans loss is Charlotte's gain.
New owner tiskingmoon comes in as a proven commodity that has the fans, the city and the franchise feeling as if success is only a few seasons away.

Montgomery Bells(formerly Kansas City Royals)
How the might have fallen. Once the premier franchise in hardball central(failed to capture a world title though). Now coming off the worst season in franchise history and holding the #3 pick in the draft.
Moving to Montgomery from the show me state. This new beginning brings new hope for the franchise and it's fans.
With new ownership in place and the plan laid out to build into a contender.
vhoward415 looks to transfer his success from the gridiron over the the diamond.

Arizona Cards(formerly St. Louis Cards)
Not much to really say about this move. Same owner, same team, same nick, just a different city .
Instead of the king of beers now they will be faced with scorpions and desert.
Should be the same type of team as before, ever improving.

Boise spudwackers(formerly Los Angeles Beachcombers)
From the land of McCourt, the spudwackers rise from the ashes of Los Angeles.
This is a franchise looking to take the next step. To go from solid to being a contender.
Which is what makes this franchise perfect for the folks of Idaho.
Meat and potatoes franchise for a meat and potatoes city. Appropriate nickname to boot.