Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Early Season Highlights

The early season has brought on some interesting results.
Some surprising, some not so much. Here now we'll take a look at the top dogs of the early season.

Louisville Sluggers 55-12 - They're dominating everybody and their mama, and their mama's mama too.
Arizona Cards 43-23 - The Cards are trying to out pace the divisional competition.
Chicago Harpies 43-24 - Chicago is in it's familiar perch at the top of the division, but a it's a 3 way dance for the top of the NL.
St. Louis Fighting Eagles 43-23 - St. Louis is giving Arizona all they can handle and then some.

Juan Morlan might be the only player upstaging his teammate Belliard this season. He's currently rocking a .356 BA while dominating the competition with 32 HR's and 79 RBI's. Even better than that though? He has a 1.165 OPS.
Daryle Koplove is helping his team do some serious damage early on this season.
He's got a .371 BA, 23 HR's, 71 RBI's, a 1.184 OPS and 9 stolen bases.
Sammy Belliard is looking to put his name into the MVP race this season with the numbers he's putting up for Colorado. The sweet swinger is mowing down pitchers at a .394 clip while smashing 20 chick diggers and 51 RBI's.

Slim Rivers has been a absolute monster this season for the Sluggers.
29 appearances, 4 starts, a microscopic 1.66 ERA. Oh and he's 16-0 on the season.
Jerrod Wall the hottest name in free agency this season continues to be red hot on the field as he was off it.
8-3 record with a 2.80 ERA so far. He's worked 90 innings and has 85 K's.
Robb Stottlemyre has been the hard luck loser of this early season. His ERA is 2.34, he has 85 K's, 2 complete games and logged 96.1 innings. The problem you ask? he's just 7-6 despite the gaudy numbers.
Kevin Steele has been the anchor of the Baltimore rotation so far this season. He's managed to snare a 8-1 record in 14 starts while compiling a 2.87 ERA.
Felix Wood is waging a absolute assault on opposing hitters this season. He has converted all 23 save opportunities he's been given this season. Compiling a 2.36 ERA, a 0.98 WHIP, a .191 OAV & 24 K's.
Sarma Wilson before going down with a shoulder injury Wilson was producing some dominant results to the tune of a 8-1 record in 12 starts with a 2.21 ERA.
Rafael Perez is the man right now for the Sluggers. He has amassed 29 appearances this season,25 of them starts. He has a 2.11 ERA while logging 102.1 innings amd snagging 13 wins to go along with 99 K's and a .192 OAV.
Jack Ginter has converted all 22 save opportunities this season for Fighting Eagles.
He has a 2.90 ERA with 24 K's.
Ben Rogers is another Sluggers player that has represented them well to start the season.
21 appearances, 5 starts, a solid 3.97 ERA and a shiny 13-3 record to boot.
Felipe Estrada has converted all 11 save opportunities presented to him this season for the Sluggers.
He has a 3.25 ERA to go along with 23 K's.

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