Monday, June 27, 2011

Season 12 Open Franchise Profiles

American League
Former Huntington Drunkin' Hilljacks 79-83 #15 Draft Pick
This team is knocking on the door of becoming a playoff contender.
It has a solid array of pieces at the major league level and is in need of a dedicated owner to push them over the top.
Minors - C+
Brant Maier (68/86),Ugueth Fernandez (61/68),Lynn Walker (64/73),Malcolm Simmons (50/71) & Max Patrick (73/78)

Former Houston Colt .45's 96-66 #29 Draft Pick
This franchise is the best of the available clubs. It has one of the top minor league systems in the world and will be ready to contend for more than a playoff berth for the owner who chooses it.
The only downside is that it plays in arguably the toughest division in HC.
Minors - B+
Jeff Mercedes(76/82),Jose Estrada(72/76),Julian Feliz(71/76),Pedro Berroa(73/82),Sammy Frias(59/75),Richie Truman(63/72),Jason Shields(71/80),Jade Greene(68/74),Jacque Woo(74/82)

Former Oakland Gangsters 80-82 #16 Draft Pick
This is a solid team, it's not bad but it's not great either.
With the right owner it can shift into a playoff contender or one can choose to strip it down and rebuild.
Very nice talent at the top of the minors, overall depth isn't the greatest but it's solid.
Minors - B-
Dennis Forster(57/88),Juan Feliz(75/84)Benji Tabaka(74/78),Davey Snyder(63/73),Bing Carr(58/71),Billy Adams(72/76)

National League
Former Fargo Disaster 71-91 #8 Draft Pick
This is more of a rebuild than most of the teams available.
The minors need building up as does the major league team.
Minors - C-
Mac Nakano(71/79),Matthew Ventura(67/72),Andre Cochrane(48/72),Justin Merrick(54/72)

Former Charleston RiverDogs 79-83 #12 Draft Pick
A lot of good work was put into this team last season.
It's a middle of the pack team with a chance to get into playoff contention and beyond.
The minors are pretty good overall and has a few stars in the making.
Minors - B+
Blake Thurston(63/93),Dustin Sellers(62/79),(/),Russ MacDougal(64/72),Darryl Matthews(50/73),Vinny Livingstone(47/68),Charley Sanders(69/76)

Former Boston Red Sawx 70-92 #7 Draft Pick
This is another team that's more rebuild than contend in it's current state.
The minors are beginning to shape up nicely but it needs a fully dedicated owner to bring it up to a level where it should be.
Minors - B-
Matt Paronto(60/83),Manny Young(68/83),Brad Garko(59/84),Felipe Cervantes(62/74)

Former Charlotte Wolves 85-77  #21 Draft Pick
A solid team at the major league level. Could contend for the playoffs now.
The minors are in definite need of work and it will require a owner open to the challenge.
Minors - D-
Thomas Alexander(68/75),Joaquin Caballero(68/74)

Former Texas Red Necks 56-106  #2 Draft Pick
This team is much like a lump of clay before it's turned into beautiful art.
It's rough around the edges but there is a lot of potential star power in the lower levels.
It's likely to take awhile to turn it around fully, but the foundation is there.
Minors - B
Derrick Patrick(72/91),Turk Walter(82/94),Tom Coleman(/75),David Bonilla(49/72),Mike Blank(66/76),Jack Hermida(69/76)

Former Boise spudwackers 78-84 #11 Draft Pick
A middle of the pack type of franchise that isn't really either or.
It's both and yet neither at the same time.
Minors need a lot of work, there are a few potential stars but not enough star wise nor depth wise.
Minors - D
Dusty Cooney(68/80),Matt Merloni(69/76),Ismael Javier(48/79)

Projected numbers based upon previous season scouting.
Grades for minors based upon overall quality as a whole. 

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